Quality photos and images that lure you into the visual experience.

What a time we're living in. You have about three seconds or less to catch someone's eye to get an idea across. In the thirty years I have been loving every moment I've had a camera in my hand, nothing has really changed. That old expression, "A picture is worth a thousand words", is just as true today as it ever was. That is what drew me out of my career in dentistry and led me to my passion of visual communication. Creating visual images that tell a story and awaken emotional responses is what I do, and what I love.

The digital age rocked the foundation of most of us classic photographers. One big change for me was converting my ancient art of retouching by etching and spotting, to my own unique art of digital retouching. It is beautiful, softer and so much more "real" than the hundreds of programs available.

The visual experience is more important than ever. Any idea, message, product or service must be conveyed to the consumer in seconds, whether it is a corporation or an actor. The right image is very powerful in communicating instantly the desired impression.

If your goal is to improve the image of your company or yourself, the key is to create THE RICH IMAGE

Letters of Recommendation.


Bill Rich's extensive client list includes: President Bill Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Kodak, Paramount Pictures, Oscar De La Hoya, Herbie Hancock,
Toshiba, Bank of America, Univision, Saban, Bausch & Lomb, NATPE, Make a Wish, United Healthcare, Blue Shield, Paul Frank, Latina Style Magazine, LAPF, LAPD, City of L.A, Ciity of Long Beach, Ciity of Santa Monica, California Bank and Trust, Universal Studios, ABC, Blackline Systems, Time Magazine,
People Magazine, LA TIMES, Ray-Ban.

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